Friday, August 3, 2012

Drawing with comfort being the main focus.

Ok l have been focusing on drawing models and having them be as comfortable as possible. We discuss the pose but l do not need the model to be still and lifeless. We talk during the session and l allow the drawing to be organic. The model is comfortable l don't tape off a pose. l don't aim to be a camera, l aim to understand the subject and l try to capture the person. This has helped me loosen up a lot in my artistic process.

 ZIG Writer Pen - July 2012

ZIG Writer Pen - July 2012

ZIG Writer Pen & ZIG Scroll and Brush Pen - July 2012

Zig Scroll & Brush Pen - August 2012

ZIG Scroll & Brush - August 2012

l had one more image before this one which l really liked but l have not been able to take a photo of it cause it is a two page spread. The below is the results of loosening up with my new approach and experience with the previous sessions.

ZIG Scroll & Brush - August 2012