Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Images to date more to come

So l am doing a lot to step back up my web presence and l am working on posting higher quality picture for my latest finished work. I have posted some new images on twitter and facebook.

Much is Happening

I am doing a lot of work and also push my understanding a concept of thought towards figure drawing. I am pushing performance and have had the privilege of working with like minded or open to the concept models.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going to be writing.....

Ok so l know l have been fairly absent but l hope l am not forgotten. I am being productive and making much progress in all that l have been discussing on this blog spot. Soon there shall be a website. I am also going to be writing for

Also l shall be posting more about the Hill Gallery & Studio l am working for and with. I am going to be also providing more input as to my process towards drawing and my progress in painting. I have much to post and shall make more of a habit to do so. This is going to be a big year. Thank you all that have been following.