Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally on Tweeter and more on my Sketch book Adventures

Ok so I finally gave in to the mass media and fun to be had...... Yes I am referring to twitter. It is going to be my main vehicle for showing my progress and pushing what I have been doing out there.

Also some of what I have been doing.

Also a hint at some of the things I am doing to push forward and form my language in art and communicate my own individual sense. Many collaborations are happening and I am going to push the limits of what I am doing and go beyond. Please Follow my Twitter I shall be up to date on it much more. 

Shall be launching a kickstarter and these leather sketch books filled my art shall be one of the many backer rewards.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The City of New York is Great to just get lost in. Completely Lost and still feel surrounded.

So l have been working with what l have learned in water color pencils,makers and water proof markers.

Pencil, Pentel Parallel Pen, Pentel Water Color Brush Pen ( Not much to say to easing the mind of troubled thought.)

Pencil, Pentel Parallel Pen, Pentel Water Color Brush Pen

Pencil, Pentel Parallel Pen, Pentel Water Color Brush Pen

Carpenter Pencil

 Pentel Parallel Pen, Pentel Water Color Brush Pen

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Double Model Poses and Exploring Performance, Presence and Subtext Mindset

I have been working pretty hard to get things done had the fortune of working with some double models and shall post the larger work up in the near future.
 Poses were 11 minutes or less. Focused on moments and how to present them.

Also did this pose of five minutes but the model intentionally moved when they felt into another pose then back. Model would do this several times between the two poses during the five minutes of drawing time. This was my best effort. This was a suggestion by an artist, model, musican and outdoors man Matthew Marinello. Will keep this up if possible.

Experimenting With Contor and Line Tone and Value and sometimes Line absence..

I have been exploring in two minutes what I can do to give a feeling of space. I have been aiming to make the line move and use the same figure to also create and after image and suggest a larger group doing and activity. I feel the first image shown is the best I have done in a two minute drawing. The figure are rested but the lighter line and the slight angled difference suggest being in different areas of the same space. This has been fun to explore.
Also the difference between and heavy tone line and a light line makes them feel more like broken up shapes that fit just right.

 Simple lines are the most fun and can suggest a moment before another action when done right. The image below I feel suggests such a moment.

This model has made tremendous progress in terms of being comfortable. Simple poses are the best and can suggest a lot. Pentel ink pens are my favorite brand of calligraphy or drawing pens. That is Brush, Needle point, Fine tip or otherwise.

Sometimes if the model is relaxed and comfortable l will just draw them as they are taking a break much more natural.

More Experiments and Chalk Marker Fun

So I have been doing a lot of experimenting with chalk markers and different inks and seeing the different shades they can create. Also have had fun with Sumi ink and suggest by Thomas Van Auken great artist and posts on Face Book check him out.
Time was between 5 to 12 minutes for each. Really enjoying the experimenting.

Alot has Happened and is Happening but only focusing on the Art. First the Short Drawing and Experiments.

 Ok l have been trying to get back into painting one way or another. l have started adding water color gestures to my menu of drawing. Most amount of time is 4 minutes least amount of time is 60 seconds.


Session 3 minute poses.



 Session 60 second poses.


 Session over lapping gesture poses 4 minutes Ink Marker.