Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drawing from Sketch Books

Wednesday 11th 2012 Open Portrait Painting and Drawing  Session
( l feel this was actually the most successful of the night. This was during the 5 minute break. )

Wednesday 11th 2012 Open Portrait Painting and Drawing  Session 
( l liked this one but was not careful when using a copic marker on the other side, but photoshop can fix it.....hopefully)

Zig Scroll & Brush Pen
( Got a ZIG Scroll & Brush Pen in addition to the ZIG Writer. I really like the variety of marks they allow me to make. )

Woodless Graphite
(The lighting is coming along but the anatomy is majorly off.  I fixed that is the larger study but could not get to the lighting. )

ZIG Scroll & Brush Pen. Testing

Live Drawing At the Camel. Live Jazz. 

Trevor Dunn & Company

Something I am going to try and get back to is drawing in places that force stronger understanding of Composition, Perspective. I was going to start with my trip on Monday to New York City but then I was informed of some live Jazz at the Camel. I rediscovered a lot of things I had forgotten. This is excellent for gestures and people observation. Yes I will draw in Central Park and Grand Central Station but other than drawing in a mosh pity this forces problem solving with out the elbows. I shall be trying to draw at Emily's on Fridays after SOCA or Vis Arts Drawing sessions. Really helped to draw what was necessary and not focus to long on the details.

Zig WRITER pen

Zig WRITER pen

ZIG Scroll & Brush Pen.

ZIG Scroll & Brush Pen.

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  1. Also l shall be changing how l post so it is more regular and not as much of a bomb of stuff. l usually wait to edit drawing l have to photograph and then post everything. l shall be posting a lot of sketch book stuff. After which l shall be posting the larger pieces separate. That is the plan hopefully this will work.